Good Coworking Space Etiquette - Are You Doing These 6 Tips?

February 03, 2021

We all love the creative vibe of nice coworking spaces, which are designed to motivate people to be productive and maintain social connections at the same time. However, there are rules of conduct that must be practiced when using a shared space so that everyone can have a good experience. Here are five things that you should be doing:


1. Clean as you go

Always make sure to clean after yourself. Desks and other spaces are commonly shared, so it is vital to always keep the workspace orderly. 

  • Do not leave clutter all over the desk and organize your gadget wires to prevent imposing on the desk space of others. 

  • Eat only in designated areas and use coasters for your drink to prevent wetting the desk or leaving stains. 

  • Toss your trash immediately in the proper bins, such as used tissues and food wrappings.

  • Clean up any spills you might make in the coffee station or pantry area.


2. Respect the boundaries of others

It is important to be mindful of other people who are also using the space. Make sure that you are not imposing on the space and privacy of someone else. 

  • Be mindful of the things of other guests, especially when using the shared lockers, fridge or pantry.

  • Do not be a distraction to others, especially those who are immersed in their work.

  • If you need to catch someone’s attention (especially those with headphones on), try gently tapping their shoulder.


 3. Keep the noise down

In line with the previous point, keep your noise at a reasonable level to show courtesy.

  • If you want to listen to music, make sure to use your own set of headphones.

  • Lower the volume of your smartphone or put it on silent mode.

  • Hold conversations in a different area or hallway to avoid disturbing others.

  • If the space has a phone booth, use that if you need to receive a phone call.


4. Respect the time of others

Although walk-in guests are normally accepted in most coworking spaces, it is good practice to book your visit ahead of time.

  • Call the space hotline and ask if they have an online booking portal where you can reserve your slot or make your booking through phone.

  • Respect the space and the staff by sticking to the schedule that you booked. If you can't make it to your schedule, call the space to cancel your booking.

  • Being habitually late or overextending your use of limited-time rooms (such as meeting rooms) will cause a delay to others who are waiting to use the space. So always check the time and prepare accordingly.


5. Ask for help

The coworking space comes with many amenities, such as free coffee, centralized air conditioning, shared printing machines, TV and others. If you are having trouble using any appliance or device, please look for a staff member to help you instead of trying to operate it on your own. This can prevent accidents from occurring and prevent any additional costs at your expense. 


6. Become part of the community 

Coworking spaces are usually tight-knit but very welcoming communities. Clients, guests and staff share and enjoy the same amenities and can participate in community events. This social aspect of a coworking space makes it a vibrant place to work from, and it is important that you contribute to this atmosphere wherever you can.

  • Say hello and give a welcoming smile to new guests. Chatting with them in their free time will surely be appreciated.

  • Join community events whenever you can. Coworking spaces usually host free in-house talks, workshops and fitness days.

Each coworking space may have different rules but you can apply these tips anywhere!


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