Loft's Guide To Dealing With Work From Home Fatigue

December 15, 2020

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of working from home indefinitely was somewhat jarring for many people.

It seemed like a very ideal setup at first. It was done mainly to prevent the further spread of the virus, of course, but it offered a lot of other great benefits as well: no more stressful commutes, no dress codes, more flexibility, and more time at home with your loved ones.

After several months however, it’s safe to say that the new setup might have taken its toll on some of us. Whether it’s the monotony, the inability to focus throughout the day, or simply the novelty wearing off, those working from home have started feeling drained from dealing with their “new normal” day in and day out, with no definite end in sight.  

In case you’re one of those people, the good news is, there are effective ways to alleviate the stress and exhaustion you’ve been feeling from working from home. Here are our best tips:


1. Create a routine and stick to it

Before the pandemic, our daily schedules allow us to maintain biorhythms that offer signals that are stabilizing and grounding. This absence of a fixed “structure” in your day-to-day life could be one of the main reasons why you’ve been feeling WFH fatigue. Although it might seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to break the monotony, following a regular timetable each day will help you feel more focused and productive when you’re at work. 

  • Begin by establishing fixed office hours, silencing notifications, and taking care of any non-work related tasks before you start working. 
  • Set a block of hours which you’ll be able to consistently work within, and notify your coworkers and clients upfront to avert unexpected issues.
  • Going through a regular schedule each day helps you maintain those natural biorhythms, alleviating mental exhaustion, especially for those who might be feeling aimless or burnt out from their WFH setup. 


2. Set aside “me” time each day

Setting aside time for yourself can be challenging, especially during days when there’s a lot on your plate. Our suggestions:

  • Remember to take quick two to five-minute breaks every day, just so you can stay away from work and technology at least for a little bit.

  • Consider doing some form of mindfulness exercises during these breaks, such as taking deep breaths, focusing on different parts of your body as you inhale and exhale, or closing your eyes while listening to relaxing music.

  • These short breaks with mindfulness exercises can serve as a “reset” button. Resting our minds when we’re doing tedious and monotonous tasks (even for just a couple of minutes) can have a positive impact on both your productivity and mental health, as you’ll be able to come back to your work with a different perspective.


3. Explore new playlists

Have you been listening to the same tunes over and over since you’ve started working from home? It might sound simple, but exploring new music genres may introduce a change of pace to your usual routine. 

  • Search for playlists on Spotify that are based on certain moods you want to channel, like Feel Good Beats, Focus Flow, or The Stress Buster, for example.

  • If you really want to mix it up, you can try listening to podcasts, nature sounds, or – get this – a coffee shop background noise playlist, just in case you want to feel as if you’re working in another location away from home. Which brings us to our last tip…


4. Evaluate your workspace and get a change of scenery

By now, most of us already know the different ways to set up an optimal at-home workspace: have a designated area, make sure it’s comfortable, well-lit, distraction-free, and so on. Since you’ve been using that designated workspace for several months, now is a great time to reanalyze how it has been working for you so far. Although you’re likely used to it by now, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. 

  • Try to reposition your desk so you can enjoy a better view. Or maybe your space needs a little more creative inspiration? Add new indoor plants or décor that could boost your mood.

  • In case you’ve been using your couch or dining chair, maybe it’s time to invest in a more comfortable work chair.

  • If you’re looking for a complete change of scenery however, the best way to take a break from your WFH routine is to work at a different space a few days a week.

  • Look into some of the coworking or flexible office spaces that are open right now. If you’re near the Ortigas/Pasig/Mandaluyong area, you can visit us here at Loft

  • In addition to providing business amenities, flexible office spaces also offer a safe and sanitized environment for remote workers during this pandemic. This makes it an ideal option for anyone looking to get away from their repetitive WFH cycle. Loft even has a flexible private office option for individuals or small teams who are looking for spaces that can be rented per day or per week.


If you want to know more about our flexible workspaces here at Loft, or the steps we take in order to ensure a safe environment for our guests and tenants, feel free to call us at (02) 8284-8789, or inquire via email at [email protected]


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